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Living in the Tension

The tension is rising. How long will I last?

I’ve been working about twenty hours a week at the agency and an additional eight hours tutoring on my own.  745 more words

What I've been up to this week (not much!)

I wrote last time about my aim to go and do 15 miles on Monday – and I managed to do exactly this. My longest run… 396 more words


Workouts off the beaten path: June 1-5, 2015

Workouts for June 1-5, 2015

***If you prefer a formatted version of these workouts see PDF at bottom of page***

Monday:  Distance Freestyle/Pace


What Got Me Into This?

I did try Kumon, I did try Eye level and what not? None of the math programs for kids around instill a passion for Maths in Kids these days. 55 more words


Grandma, Mom and Dad

On my last trip to Houston, my sister was gracious and cool and gave me some old photos of the family. Here are two of them. 531 more words

A Different View Than You

This title may make someone think I am going to bring up a touchy subject. No, and I smile. I was just able to spend some time in a wheelchair over the Memorial Day weekend. 445 more words


Her (I don’t want to lose this)

I watched a great film yesterday entitled Her – see here and want to register my thoughts about it.

The film is about a man lonely after his marriage breakup and how – in this future world were computer operating systems have acquired artificial and emotional intelligence – he falls in love with it but that the OS outgrows both him and humankind and disengages with them to follow their own path with their own kind. 130 more words