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April 25 2015: You Gotta Have Options...

After an initial rant about the general state of politics in the country, we spent some time talking about current market conditions, as well as what is going on in Europe. 236 more words


A Minneapolis Tax Attorney Can Share Options for Those in Severe Debt

Installment Plans
If there is no way around paying, most people will have to set up some kind of a payment place with the IRS. Provided you have never been in trouble with the IRS before, they are usually willing to set up an installment plan in which you can pay a small sum of the total each month until it is entirely paid off. 66 more words



I think it’s long since time I

stop reminiscing stopped pretending

that this pretense of a false romantic

concept is but a pack of lies I’m not… 141 more words

Suicide Fame.

Suicide has recently been brought into the media spotlight due to various notable famous people going through with the act.  The most notable and recent is probably Robin Williams, this came as a huge shock to the world because it was so unexpected, he brought laughter into the lives of many and seemed like a happy person who enjoyed comedy and making other people laugh.  486 more words


Caught Short

I can’t be certain that the shorts are covering their short positions in AT&T. However, I feel that they are not faring quite as well as they might have expected. 371 more words

Options for Dealing with the Difficult

If you are like me and who isn’t?
Who just shouted out “normal people ,that is who”?
You may get annoyed when that certain know-it-all-but –really –knows-nothing -person, tries to run your life for you. 291 more words

The Insane Rants

week 339 ~ interrupting the droning voice

interrupting the droning voice
of reasoned response she shouts out
wresting the plot from those who doubt
the merits of making a choice
that starts with laughter fools rejoice… 19 more words