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Term Limits and Self Servants

Have you ever considered the position of enforcing term limits on Congress?  This subject seems to crop up occasionally with varying opinions on both sides.  I’d like to take a look at the reasons why term limits might be good for everyone but the status quo. 509 more words


Take Action! Protect Religious Freedom!

Please sign the petition at http://afa.net/action-alerts/urge-attorney-general-jim-hood-to-protect-religious-liberty-in-mississippi/ urging Attorney General Jim Hood in Mississippi to protect the religious freedoms of circuit clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals if it violates their faith. 40 more words

Political Action Center

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Whether I believe in it or not the government has no right to force their views on peoples' religion. What ever happened to freedom and free speech?

Opinion: What do you do when.......

……..your local service provider damages two businesses so badly it keeps them closed for more than a year? And they dig their heels in to keep from paying for said damages? 332 more words


Foxhunting - Tamworth Greens Campaign

The Tories want to repeal the Hunting Act 2004!

Yes, you heard that right. David Cameron wants his government to reintroduce hunting foxes with dogs. Not only that, but our local… 74 more words


Hillary's Cribs Shock Young People

Rand Paul is a doctor who knows what it’s like to work with real people. Hilary Clinton hasn’t done a thing to deserve recognition, let alone become the president of the United States. Think about it.


Other people's opinions, or S/He Said

Somewhere along the way the idea that another person could have a differing opinion to yours has morphed from being acceptable to “WTF are you a moron, you are everything that is wrong with the world you dumb bag of horse manure”. 635 more words