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Close up detail at Notre Dame

This detailed scene and window can be found on the front facade of the Notre Dame Cathedral, sometimes missed when people forget to look up! 15 more words


Velib bikes at the Notre Dame

Here you can see a group of people having arrived to the Notre Dame Cathedral on Velib bikes – one of the underappreciated modes of transport by tourists to the city. 9 more words


Paris // France

very early morning walk on a Parisian Sunday.

And THIS. All smiles while FREEZING in the line for the Eiffel Tower.

At the summit of the tower. 12 more words


C'est beau la vie

I finally managed to visit Paris, after years of dreaming about how can I make it happen. It was luck, it was love, it was amazing.  847 more words


Who wrote the French romantic novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.’?

Question: Who wrote the French romantic novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.’?

Answer: Victor Hugo.


For Notre Dame Fighting Irish Performance Sweatshirt Charcoal

I’ve recently been surprised to find that not only does charcoal comes in different types, such as lump charcoal and activated charcoal, but that charcoal… 276 more words

Notre Dame bell towers

The bell towers found at Notre Dame have a lot of details and designs which are not seen at first, this photo allowing you to see in great detail the many designs and even people on top who are on a bell tower tour. 15 more words