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Load Balancing is Dead

Load Balancing is Dead
I was reading some arbitrary stuff, when I suddenly came across the topic “Load Balancers are Dead” , I thought, what the hell … Is that really true, if they are dead what are we going to do… do we have to relearn the en…

Sharing the Big Load

We have heard a lot that sharing is caring. But to what extent do we do that or rather put a limit on the same? The one place where we seem to think about that more than anything else is at those torrent sites! 631 more words


HAProxy Load Balancer with SSL Offloading

HAProxy Load Balancer with SSL Offloading
In my previous blog, where I mentioned how to use HA Proxy (http://haproxy.1wt.eu/ – Open source Load balancing Solution) based load balancer for Exchange 2010, I had a few requests on how to do the SSL …

New Feature: Weapon Loadouts

In version v1.16b43, player units will have multiple weapon loadouts specific to each unit. These can be cycled through for each individual unit in the planning and simulation planning screens to give units more range, attack speed, damage, or change the weapon types. 30 more words


Figure Load for Plymouth, MN Heating & Air Conditioning in your Home

Some experts say it’s important to get the calculations right the first time but, many times, contractors using “rule of thumb” methods can size a home incorrectly. 87 more words

Visual Studio Creation Of Virtual Directory Failure

I’m setting up VS 2013 on a highly restrictive, managed desktop environment, and ran into this problem when trying to load existing projects from TFS. The error message is shown below: 38 more words