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Monkeys see, Monkeys do - but Monkeys will always be one step behind

Copying others is a business reality.  Always has been.  You see someone doing something successful, you want some of that success for yourself so you look at what they’re doing and imitate.  601 more words


Faster Smaller Raspberry Pi Cluster

Following on from my blog “Race to the largest Raspberry Pi Cluster“, James J. Guthrie has built a 3 node cluster out of Raspberry Pi 2’s using 3 nodes, out performing the 64 node cluster. 58 more words


“Smart” glass shows promise

Daksha Rangan write on the Weather Network website about new glass that reacts to weather conditions and brings many benefits. It can even provide low level power. 203 more words

Renewable Energy

The Floor of Discovery

I arrived late in the afternoon at my Darling Harbour hotel and walked up to the check-in desk with what was obviously a public look of tiredness on my face. 622 more words


Visit the Louvre or another gallery and you will see copyists, usually skilled artists making meticulous copies of the Masters. Before high-quality colour reproduction, most painting students were sent to work as copyists. 634 more words


Lipstick, UI's and paradigms.

In a recent debate, or was it a discussion,http://thefinancialbrand.com/51349/digital-banking-mbank-moven-debate/ital-banking-mbank-moven-debate/ it seemed to me much ado was being made about, well, nothing save progress.

Banking is not a black art, but is still regulated like one. 180 more words