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Arson Optics – Indica

Upon first listening to Indica, I get the feeling that Arson made most of this music at sunset. Sunsets are beautiful but in California they are epic. 186 more words

A little about this Blog

Welcome to my Blog. My name is Emily and I am a Budtender at Greenwerkz Dispensary in Glenwood Springs, Co. As a cannabis researcher, I got tired of a lot of conflicting information. 104 more words


Black Magic

Not much is known about Black Magic. It’s a newer strain that hasn’t caught national attention, and isn’t even listed on Leafly’s website. Luckily for me, it’s available in the Bay Area at a few locations. 446 more words


The Cat's Out of the Bag

I was just going to go to work and back home. It wasn’t a patient day, just time for the office help to get caught up and set up a new computer.  115 more words


My Next Adventure??? Numb in New Zealand?

10 Places to be Stoned in New Zealand” by kushtourism.com is a great article to guide you on a smoked out adventure through New Zealand. 64 more words


Holy Nug!: "Gorilla Glue #4" Looks Too Pretty To Smoke

(Featured Photo Credit: Leafly)

A friend of mine blessed me with a picture of some Gorilla Glue #4 he picked up today (below). Isn’t. This. Nug. 185 more words


Tahoe OG

It’s no secret that I have an OG fetish. They are, without doubt, my go-to strains. Though I obviously enjoy trying strains outside of the OG Kush family, I tend to never stray very far. 418 more words