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Bobwhite Quail Eggs in Incubation

After experiencing success with free range ducks, and a successful coturnix quail hatch, I decided to get back into the game bird business. I installed my quail rails into my automatic rotator, and put 93 bobwhite quail eggs into the incubator. 39 more words


Reporting from the 29th NBIA International Conference on Business Incubation

This week three members of the Decision Driven® Solutions team (John Fitch, Ron Carter, Bruce Lerner) are attending the 29th NBIA International Conference on Business Incubation in Denver, Colorado.  247 more words

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And Now, We Wait

For someone who is currently bored to tears, I have lots of excitement starting to brew under the surface. I have to contain it for 11 more days. 677 more words

Hatched Quail and Hatching Ducks

Well, the quail hatched a day early (Friday, 4/17) meaning my temp is just a wee bit too high.

I have a variety of colors and sets, a Texas A&M, some pharaohs, Golden’s, and tuxedo types. 58 more words


Red-tailed Hawk Story – Week 2

On Sunday, April 5, we had one of our obligatory “snow/ice/rain BR into sticking like glue onto the nest” days. This time it was snow. Ez had a brief stint on the eggs (10 minutes), but otherwise we mostly saw the BR’s back and tail being covered with white stuff. 602 more words

Red-tailed Hawk Story

Red-tailed Hawk Story - Week 1

To no one’s surprise, once BR laid her first egg, we knew that all other eggs would be laid this week. We can’t rule out a fourth egg as these raptors have a habit of surprising us, but it’s not likely. 232 more words

Red-tailed Hawk Story

Science Observation: Bird's Nest Day 16

These birds are never going to hatch. Ever. They’ll be the first eggs in the history of the universe to just decide to stay in there. 58 more words