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Lets All Shed a Tear for Zayn Malik 

 Go on admit it, who shed a little tear over Zayn Malik leaving One Direction? Not me honest…

I am no die hard fan girl who knows every little detail about One Direction but I’m not afraid to admit that i am a (big) fan. 288 more words


Went For It

I often dream of Harry Style’s sitting down to write, “Steal My Girl,” about me… as I am sure most of us have sat down once or twice wishing a song was written about us… 797 more words


Here's Why Zayn Malik Really Quit One Direction

“Zayn it ain’t so!”

Everyone with functional Wi-Fi has seen some variation of that popular outcry on social media following Zayn Malik’s surprising exit from… 392 more words


[UPDATED] Zayn Malik Didn't Quit One Direction, He Was Fired [Photos]

Tweens, teens, and some grown women have shed a tear after learning Zayn Malik decided to quit being a member of pop group One Direction… 550 more words

Music Tattle

Zain is follow the sun 🌞


No tengo que decir sobre que es lo que estoy hablando; el titulo habla por sí solo, Zain ha escapado de nuestra ciudad y esta siguiendo el sol, pero tengo la certeza de que la cuidad lo seguirá a el. 496 more words


One Deduction

March 25, 2015 will always be the worst day of any fan girls life of One Direction. After almost five years, this day has come. Hearing that your favorite band member has quit your favorite band has people in shock from yesterdays news, especially me. 369 more words

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Remaining Members Of One Direction Address Zayn's Departure

Teenage girls around the world yesterday were shocked to learn the news that Zayn Malik would be leaving the band. The band’s official Facebook page posted a statement saying he felt it was the “right time.” His fellow band mates were mum for a few hours after the announcement, but now they’ve started talking. 412 more words