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Starting to consider a color scheme for the Cub. This one is looking good. Classic red topped tank, silver mudguards and black elsewhere.

Triumph Cub

Starting the New Term - Student Set Project

The start of term was a busy one and with a lot of stress right from the start.
With dissertation hand in just two weeks after the start of term and new briefs being sent our way, I will admit that I’ve put graphics work on the side. 184 more words


Indianised Logo

Consider, how international brands logo would have looked if it had indian origin?

We have come up with a series of such logos of international brands, where we have shown it as indian origin brands.

Please enjoy!!!:)












BGP - Magnetic Objects

This week I worked on a number of things, ranging from the game’s Health-pickups to additional assets for the level. What I chose to focus a bit on however was the Magnetic Objects. 625 more words


Art of Surface Interpolation

It’s a fairly practical algorithm and the result looks nice. I implemented the algorithm with OpenCL last year.

The purpose of the second part is to design and implement a new interpolation method ABOS (Approximation Based On Smoothing), which would eliminate limitations of ex- isting methods and which would be robust and flexible enough for interpolating any data set, such as a complex of geological and seismic measurements, temperature distri- bution, height of a snow layer, concentration of contaminants in an aquifer or digital model of terrain.

Art of Surface Interpolation (PDF)


this paradoxical love

you’re bad for me
I’m messy for you
you sprint one way
I waltz the other
you fall on your ass
I crash into my face… 45 more words

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