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Reported My Therapist - Update (long)

Hi Folks, First my apologies for not posting sooner. Quick history, a short while ago I charged an old therapist with sexual assault/abuse. My appointment with the investigators was scheduled for tomorrow. 71 more words

How Real?

Just wanted to ask, when the flasbacks come for you folks, how real are they? It is hard to do this, to tell this, because it breaks me to pieces every time I think of it. 75 more words

Abraham Lincoln

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
― Abraham Lincoln


Hello, Folks

Hi, I m kind of new to talking about my traumas, a bit reticent I suppose you could say. I m not really sure if I want to be here but I can t find any place where I can talk to others about my complex trauma history and maybe learn how to better live with it. 36 more words

The one with my Delhi trip

Delhi, certainly not the city of dreams, is, however, the capital of India. I recently got a chance to visit this alluring place – this is my opinion now – thanks to my dad’s constant hammering for a family trip. 809 more words


Optimal Veterinary Services works its pregnancy testing magic

It’s the time of year when we pregnancy test and vaccinate the ewes in order to get everything organized for lambing. Gerri Parsons from Optimal Veterinary Services came with all her gear and informed us with her cries of “Single”, “Twins”, “Triplets” or the dreaded “Open”. 112 more words