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A Extra Weekend (AX2015)

This past weekend was nothing but fun as I went to Anime Expo 2015 in Downtown Los Angeles. For the first time, this was my opportunity to finally go for all four days, and it was well worth it. 109 more words



On forlorn shores I stood staring
Fondly remembering bygone days;
The bewildering gazes,
The triumphant ways

Where have they run to?
I wonder, sometimes… indeed, a lot… 304 more words

His Puppy Kept Trying To Cock Block Us

I never understood why my high school boyfriends were so weirded by the thought of my pets watching us do the deed. My first boyfriend couldn’t even make out on the couch if my cats were nearby. 706 more words

Watercolours in a jar

The man in front of me is wearing your cologne.

I recognised it instantly.

It snapped me from my thoughts of now and I searched the crowd for its source. 154 more words


Natural Disaster

I ALWAYS end up at your doorstep. No matter how much I prepare myself, no matter how many times I promise not to go there, it ALWAYS happens. 363 more words

Let The Rain Fall Down 

I hate a lot of things. Swimming, America, heat, wind, snow, showers, and so forth. There’s one thing that always brings me happiness. Rain.

My Grandma used to tell me rain is God crying because he feels our pain. 378 more words


Prima Ballerina

This is one of my favorite pieces, sometimes in life we must take the stage and dance like no one is watching.

Acrylic Painting