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10 day you challenge. Day 4: 7 wants.

Continuing with the 10 day you challenge. I had to really think about what it was that I wanted the most out of life. I’m sure that a lot of people would have said that they wanted money or material things but, even though having a huge house and loads of money in the bank would be pretty awesome and not something I would ever refuse if offered to me, all I really want in life is for myself and the people who I love to be happy and comfortable. 237 more words

10 Day You Challenge


The deepening intensity shadowed by fear,
Is only but a mist escaping her lips,
An iron wall surrounds a village weeping,
An abundant desire controls her fingertips, 68 more words


The edited versions - Art Installation

The video part of the installation: a single screen visual with eyes shown through the words said. The audio is edited to loop better although it sounds like it’s echoing at parts. 137 more words


Can China Take a Joke? - NYTimes.com

Can China Take a Joke? – NYTimes.com.

This article, for me, shed light on something else – chasing your dream would garner the most attention and loudest applause if your dream doesn’t just contrast your background but mocks it. 550 more words


“When I was in third grade we had a teacher named Tom Smith who was eclectic. He wanted to focus on the arts, so we did a ton of poetry. 403 more words

Art of Machineries!

  • Art of Machineries!
  1. Its an Art to the Tribute of Art of Commuting, for our Needs,
  2. To Build and Express our Imagination, for our Source and a Need of Commutance to fulfil other Needs.
  3. 39 more words

Let it Be: A Beatlemaniac’s Beacon Through Hearing Loss

This May marks 45 years since Let it Be, the Beatles’ last album, was released. My parents, who were 11 and 21 at the time, remember the album as the tragic marker of the Beatles’ downfall. 1,168 more words

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