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The Exchange Process: Part 1

I decided to create a series of post on how my exchange process works. I am going to do a month by month post stating what I have done to prepare myself for my year abroad! 1,208 more words


Thanks God it is Tuesday

Tuesday night is always a great night to tell stories. This is just a random blog post with some random stories of my adventure, hope it won’t bore you (lol) 1,243 more words

Looks like I'm moving!

That’s right, it looks like I’ll be moving out of my current student accommodation into…well, different student accommodation.

The thing is, I haven’t felt particularly welcome or comfortable in my current accommodation.   335 more words


Pros and Cons

It is been almost two months since I arrived to France.  It means that it is time to sum up some of my impressions and thoughts about the country. 921 more words


Coming to terms with Copenhagen.

I have survived winter. I am technically half way through my stay in this city (if I minus all the days I have planned travelling outside it). 837 more words

A Quick Check In...

Hey everyone!

This was bound to happen. As I’ve finally completely settled in and started living a normal life, I’ve found less and less time to come up with blog posts. 915 more words

Bonjour les Amis!


I know I have been off the radar for sometime now, but I promise I have some amazing news for all of you! This August I will be moving to… wait for it… FRANCE! 452 more words