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welcome to my new home! it’s the white building further back, and my window is behind the hedge. 33 more words



Annyeong Hasayo (Hello),

I went to watch my first live baseball match last week and it was really exciting. Hahahaha. The enthusastism is really up there in the stadium. 141 more words

2 months left.

So now there’s only about 2 months left before I’m going to beautiful England for a year. It seems almost unreal. There’s still things we have to find out how to do. 239 more words


July 05, 2015 at 08:02AM

Peregrine Falcon Fledglings Tug of War by DeeDee Gollwitzer at http://flic.kr/p/umZqwm

Peregrine Falcon Fledglings Tug of War in a Canyon using Ice Plant instead of Prey as They are Learning to do Food Exchanges

Japan Tag in Düsseldorf

Okey…okey…I now I promised I will post this a few weekends ago…but I frankly had neither the time nor the inspiration to write anything on the Blog for a while. 372 more words



green grass vs snowy mountains,  shorts vs winter jackets, colder inside than outside temperatures … this is winter in christchurch.

kiwis seem to complain about the freezing weather, but i just wait for winter to arrive. 80 more words

New Zealand

Have the attitude of an Exchange Student

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible exchange students throughout my time of living at university college. People from all over the world who have embarked on an epic adventure to study for six months or a year are lucky enough to spend their time in beautiful Wollongong. 675 more words