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I’ve just submitted the second of my two politics essays due at the start of this week, and am therefore free until April 27th when my final history essay topics are released! 86 more words


The Time I Was Bestowed With The Luck Of The Irish

Hello! It’s time to get talking about, St. Patricks Day! Woo! Party central back home, with green beer, and crazy pub nights, but how does Amsterdam handle it? 734 more words

March Can Suck One 

I’ve had a hell of a two weeks, and if I’ve learned anything from it it’s that March sucks. Of course not everything has been horrible, but I can guarantee this has been the worst month in Vietnam. 1,305 more words


The Mini-Grand Tour - England/Wales: Day 4

At the end of my last post, I hinted that we were somewhat surprised by Cardiff. As we headed south on the train, a group of young people obviously heading somewhere for a good party boarded the train. 320 more words


Back to NYC...and my meeting with Helen Mirren

As always, this week was another crazy busy one as I prepared for assessments, exams…and a weekend trip to New York (again). Post-Spring Break the workload has definitely picked up again as many of the courses I am taking have approaching deadlines and with a few weekend trips coming up, I certainly am doing my best to get ahead on my work. 1,063 more words

Art: Out of the Museum, Into Our Daily Lives

One of the great things about US, especially in the big cities in the east coast is the museums. Whether they be art, science, history or other areas, the museums in US seem to be very well organized and managed. 575 more words

Plans for Summer 2015, Part I

Part I

This is my last summer summer before I complete my final year (two semesters) at the University of Guelph. I think I’m still trying to understand where and how I can make a meaningful contribution to the world through my life, work and my career. 436 more words