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From The Archive: "Publishers vs. Developers"

(June 2013)

There has recently been much debate over the role of publishers and developers in the game development industry – not least from Official Nintendo Magazine’s feature ‘Overcomplicating Publishing’ which presented publishers as overbearing and controlling through the medium of Mike Roush, the co-founder of Gaijin Games. 514 more words


How writers and technologists might reduce the democratic deficit

I’ve just written a piece over at my political blog (background to this place at blinkingti.me).

It’s on the need to battle rather more… 460 more words


Portland considers downsizing infill houses | OregonLive.com


Elliot Njus | The Oregonian/OregonLive By Elliot Njus
on April 24, 2015

Neighborhood groups have long complained that the city’s building boom has led to a generation of houses that seem to loom over neighboring properties, either because they’re too tall or too close to the property line. 555 more words


Tip 34: Should users be allowed to paste from the clipboard into a form field?

In forms where a field is requested, it’s common practice to ask for it twice to avoid errors. Should you allow copy paste into the field?

172 more words

PayPal Documentation Home - PayPal Developer

How would you like to integrate with PayPal? Accept PayPal Payments

Add a payment button by pasting a short HTML snippet into your payment page. 307 more words


Why the Apple Watch app gold rush will end poorly for most

”It’s been a long wait since September, but Apple Watch launch day is finally upon us—and Apple has brought some 3,000 apps to the party, according to the best estimates. 117 more words


Neptune Group - Walkthrough

Neptune Group – Walkthrough

Neptune Group gives real services, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money & that is sincerity & integrity in all their projects.100 Above is a landmark architectural contribution to Mumbai’s skyline, which completes Mumbai’s inovative & prestigious living by Neptune group.

Neptune Developers