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Don't just sit there and let them build a town on Wisley

To all and sundry. Please write in to object we need your support. There is a lot of political ‘gerrymandering’ going on with this proposal and mis-information by the developers. 33 more words


Achieving Website Usability Through the Use of Frames

The issue of website usability has garnered much attention today. In fact, there have been laws and legal moves against website developers who wouldn’t take into consideration the wide range of people who will be viewing their websites. 695 more words


Sparrow A Broken Arrow

Is this how it works? Seriously? You buy something only to break it? It seems that the same rules are to be applied in the cyber world. 207 more words

#GamesMatter Editorial: Bringing The Focus Back

If there’s anything to take away from this talk, it’s that we had no idea what we were doing. And that’s an important lesson. … 386 more words


Mobile Application Developer Careers in Delhi, Gurgaon

With a sharp increase in number of mobile users we see situation where there are more users from a mobile device than desktop / laptop computers. 211 more words


YC-Backed YesGraph Raises A Million To Build A Better Referral System For Mobile Apps

When launching a new consumer application, especially those in the social space, many developers today rely on an invite mechanism that has the app’s initial user base reaching out and recommending the app to their friends. 813 more words


Afro-centric Emoticons represent diversity

The new Afro-centric emoticons come out of the idea of emoticons that should represent more diversity and were released for Android April 2014.

Bring in Alpesh Patel of Uganda. 127 more words