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Best gifts 2014: HeadBlade ATX Razor

HeadBlade ATX RazorShaver seems like car that you simply “wheel” over your head for a quick, nick-free shave.
Shaving your head does not must be an ordeal full of nicks and cuts. 28 more words

Best Gifts 2014

White, yellow and silver

Tee by me:)

Photographer: Jorunn Lilleland



O.K, first of all, don’t judge me because this game doesn’t have graphics that almost look like reality. Anyways, Terraria is a game that you can get on PlayStation, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire (which I have never heard of.) The game is a 2D sandbox indie game that is REALLY fun. 185 more words


Urban Delight

Living in a big city for too long may bring the worst in a person. That triggered a movement to bring beauty to an urban environment. 127 more words


The Lying Game: Reader's Response #3

I have officially finished the book! Of course since its a series of books, it ended suspense filled.

Emma makes me feel upset and worried for her because she could die anytime. 59 more words

Language Arts 7

EverCool™ Memory Foam by Serta

Serta revolutionized the already revolutionary technology of memory foam by pursuing solutions that combated its main drawback: heat retention. In the last two weeks we have covered Cool Action™ Gel and Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam, two successful evolutions in Serta’s crusade for a cool sleeping memory foam mattress. 235 more words


Jonah + Summer

Here is a small story that I worked on for writing.  (From the view of a sailor in biblical times.)

Today we set sail from Joppa for Tarshish on our little ship, Ruach Oniya, which means “Wind Ship”. 473 more words