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Love, Chat, and the Big Move Part V: The Epiphany

I don’t remember when I had my epiphany, but it went like this:  I was driving the I-10 from Tempe across the Valley to Luke Air Force Base. 625 more words


Colbie Caillat at the Arizona State Fair

Colbie Caillat at the Arizona State Fair 10/24

by Melanie Rogoff

On Friday, October 24th, at 7:00 P.M., Colbie Caillat took the stage at the Arizona State Fair. 192 more words


Josh Turner Concert at the Arizona State Fair 10-26-14

Your favorite radio station, KMLE @ 107.9, went out to the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix today to give away some great prizes for the Josh Turner concert. 62 more words


Performing at the Arizona State Fair with a drunk lady!!

I performed at the State Fair with a drunk ass bitch. Now that I possibly have your attention…

I promised yesterday in my Arizona State Fair post… 128 more words


A Day at the Fair

Today, I spent the afternoon and early evening at the Arizona State Fair with members of my photography group.  I haven’t attended a state fair since my teenage years.  It was a blast.


2014 Arizona State Fair

Seniors were able to enter the Arizona State Fair free on Friday. We paid $10 for parking and spent the afternoon exploring this year’s offerings. We started in the Art and Photography exhibits in the Coliseum. 255 more words


Arizona State Fair 2014

The Arizona state fair is filled with some of the most interesting people. Some great, honestly, and some flat out RATCHET people. I’m sure it is similar with any state fair: Creepy old guys wandering around by themselves, questionable fried items (I call them items because food is pushing it a bit, lets be honest with ourselves), rickety rides, and chubby bunny kids (you know what I mean.) That being said…I really do LOVE the AZ State Fair! 150 more words