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March, 2015 Magazine – Production

Even if not “going online” the information found on the noted page should be produced – as it will be invaluable to book promotion. Once produced, it can also be used (or re-used) as a press kit basis. 25 more words

Electronic Magazine

Thin-Crust Quinoa Pizza Verdict: Delicious!!

Today I started soaking quinoa about 8 hours ago so I could try a quinoa pizza crust, and let me tell you: it’s been well worth the wait! 507 more words


One Aspect of an Annuity Contract

Presented by David Corwin

One of the least thought about benefits of providing annuities to your clients is that the annuitant can, in most cases, have complete control over how their beneficiaries will gain access to the money at the client’s death. 169 more words


Nate Ruess ataca de nou

Increïble… Ho ha tornat a fer. I jo que patia…

Reconeguda fun.àtica, seguidora del grup des del tímid Aim And Ignite, el cor se m’ha anat trencant a poc a poc aquests últims mesos, veient com el grup es desfeia progressivament… i és que malgrat aquell post al Facebook assegurant que el grup no es separava sinó que es donava un temps, tots vèiem el fantasma de la ruptura volar per sobre del trio americà. 223 more words

Shamolique Cinématique !!!!

Its been a long time in the making and as a result I’ve been having a chillier winter than usual with the new shaved haircut! Big thanks to Kristine Bordarenko for editing and Will Hewitt for camera work.

Sarcastic Dry Humour and Anger do Odd Things

The past week with James has been rocky. The weekend went well, he came over and I did the cooking and cleaning… wait, I’ve been doing that a great deal more now while he watches tv or plays a game. 1,364 more words