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Being different?

Sometimes I get the question: why are you different as usual persons and how did you do that? Well, it’s not a hard question actually. I love people who are different from usual. 180 more words


Parallel Universes / Timelines

The idea of parallel universes is certainly not something new. It has been entertained in popular media since the existence of  universes existing simultaneously has been theorised in Quantum Physics. 1,076 more words


Did Fury Road Rewrite The Ending To Beyond Thunderdome?

WARNING: This post contains very minor spoilers to Mad Max: Fury Road but significant spoilers to Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. ¬†Although Beyond Thunderdome is 30 years old, so if you haven’t seen it by now you may as well read this. 799 more words

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Alternate Row Color

When you’re displaying data in a Table or Tabular, sometimes the report may look very busy to the eyes. By alternating the row colors, the results will look more easy on the eyes. 42 more words