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Liebster Award

Special thanks to TJS Old to New for nominating me for my second award!

  1. What drove you to the blogging scene and why?

Before I left my university, I wanted to be a writer. 410 more words

Top 5 Singers With Odd Singing Voices

From the whispy, air voices to the deep tenor voices that lend a ghoulish sound, vocalists lending a fluky sound to their music makes it all the better. 409 more words

90s Music

June 22-28 Playlist

I had the idea to throw songs that stood out to me this week all into a Playlist. So here that is, just a taste of my week musically.

And the Bottom Drops Out

Citizen King – Better Days. I could literally listen to 90s alternative all day every day. Even the not-so-original stuff (like Limp Bizkit) is better than half the shit out now.


Punk-By-Numbers or Third Eye Blind – Dopamine

Oh yeah, I remember those post-grunge late 90’s; the punk-by-numbers take on power-pop and bands that had albums built around radio-friendly hit singles. I also remember the crash and burn as there just wasn’t enough… 287 more words

Music Review

Oh, not this shit again! Courtney and the Conspiracy – blah blah blah

I understand the thirst for blame and justice; that insatiable desire to find meaning in a senseless death, but can we please give this a rest. 348 more words

Alternative Rock

Ten - Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam was decidedly one the bands that left an indelible mark on my young, impressionable mind. The “Jeremy” video warped my young mind, creating vicious chasms concerning life, truth, and the way life really was outside of my humble parents’ home. 380 more words

90s Music