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The Embryonic Period (continued)

In my last post, I discussed prenatal development up until the development of the three germ layers.I will now continue…

Within 3 weeks, the baby’s brain is diving into three sections: the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. 241 more words

8 Weeks

In honor of Whitlee turning 8 weeks old today, I’m sharing a progression picture.

She has on the same onesie in both pictures, newborn size. She was 3 1/2 weeks in the first picture and 8 weeks old today in the second. 14 more words


GALAVANT - My rating: 8.5/10

I just love this star studded mini series. It’s a musical but a good musical. The music is great, not corny and each production sounds different, not like some musicals that are thrown together hastily. 214 more words


9 Week Bump and 8 week summary

So, the screen shot is an overview of my eating in my 8th week… it can’t tell you much other than my calories unfortunately, but know that I do strive for balance and try to avoid gestational diabetes. 386 more words

Baby Bump

8 weeks, 4 days

It has been an interesting two weeks since I last provided my “fans” (that’s you guys lol) with an update.  I assure you, it has been interesting but for the life of me, I can hardly remember anything that’s happened!  557 more words

Trying To Conceive Via IVF/ICSI