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Birth to 2 months

Hello my son,

Oh yes! You were exactly one week old when we went to the WIC office and you pooped and peed all over me. 250 more words

First Year

We're Expecting

Hello my son,

At 6 weeks your daddy and I found out that we were expecting and I remember that moment so clearly! Josh was persistent at bugging me to take a test, somehow he just knew… maybe like motherly intuition this is more like father intuition? 264 more words


In His arms she will play

Dearest Amalia,

Since the beginning of 2015, I sincerely found a dislike in Tuesdays, for no apparent reason. Then I had to say goodbye to you … on a Tuesday … and ever since then I decided to change this horrid feeling by writing to you on a Tuesday. 716 more words

7 Weeks

7 weeks 5 days 

“You are definitely pregnant!” Were the first words our lovely nurse said to us. After a long one minute silence, when we thought she couldnt find a heartbeat, she asked, “how do you feel about twins?” 116 more words

Still pregnant! 

My first scan is on Monday! That came around quick. I have everything crossed for this pregnancy to be viable and healthy, and to see a tiny flickering heartbeat. 138 more words


After a loss, there’s a series of firsts that a mother will go through. First night, first week, first month, first period following the loss, first person they have to tell, first doctor’s visit, first holiday, first anniversary. 251 more words

Too tired for that shit

Well my week was okay to start with. I had a meeting on Tuesday. It was enlightening to some extent. New series of Pretty Little Liars started 2 weeks ago. 404 more words