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020/642_Argentina 1932

Jose Luis Herrera sat in the café feeling dejected and unkempt. In no mood for frivolity or humor despite the fact that the street was filled with that alone, as far as his eye could see. 634 more words


019/642_Poor Referral

John Parker saw the venom in Ms. Wood’s eyes before he even invited her into his office; after it had seared the customers earlier, she must never have let it go. 594 more words


If each decade of your life was represented by a pop song, what would they be?

I’m only two decades into life. Its funny to me that I feel like I have lived a long time, but measuring life in decades makes me remember how short my life really has been. 187 more words

018/642_Obscure Future Tech

Sitting in the kitchen, alongside the familiar blender and knife rack, it hummed with erratic vibrations, and what seemed to be a face plate undulated slightly. 128 more words


The next blockbuster medicine that will be invented and what will happen as a result.

The next blockbuster medicine will be one that treats cancer — one that discovers the key to permanently and 100% successfully inhibit unnecessary and unabated growth of abnormal cells. 57 more words

If you had one week to live...

I wouldn’t do very much differently. I wouldn’t empty my bank account, get a tattoo, fly to a foreign country, or live the life of luxury in the penthouse suite of the Plaza. 190 more words

017/642_Naming Old Trees

The pulley tree, from which we mounted the ropeway across the bayou, crawling hand over foot with the bayou beneath us.

The base tree, where the rope was secured and we could land. 137 more words