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Back in the Philippines

I’ve been a little remiss about getting the last few days of the 60-Day Blogging Challenge wrapped up. I should have started earlier, so that the last days of it weren’t a scramble of international travel and family business. 186 more words

60-Day Blogging Challenge


In preparation for our upcoming trip to the Philippines, my fiancee and I are teaching my parents how to play mahjong. It’s a fairly straightforward game, even though its rules can change slightly, depending on where you’re playing. 213 more words

60-Day Blogging Challenge


I have possessions, some small, some large, but nearly all of them are transitory. Electronics get worn out and become obsolete. A favorite pen will eventually run out of ink or fall apart. 839 more words

60-Day Blogging Challenge

Monkey Search: Concluded

My parents have come into town to see where I live and to visit in general, and today, we went out to the Batu Caves. The last time I… 453 more words

60-Day Blogging Challenge

Points of View

Day 18

Sensitive child. That’s what I’ve heard about me. I’d sit on the porch, eating apple slices and watching the squirrels grab fallen acorns off the lawn, or bury them there for later. 390 more words

60-Day Blogging Challenge

100 Words About Nothing

For my 100th Post, here are 100 words on nothing.

I fear nothing–not No Fear–the sour falseness of that insane bravado melts on the tongue, staining the teeth white as snow, or bones bleaching in the sun, which should inspire fear, but are set dressing for the Big Empty–big, wide nothing, stretching on and on and on–but something, as always, to fear–the same nothing said with crossed arms and averted gaze–rough seas ahead, it says–nothing–not nothing to fear–nothing to say–nothing to see here–nothing going–move along and take that nothing with you, and its fear, too–but, please, leave the something–take something from it, even if you can make nothing of it. 7 more words

60-Day Blogging Challenge

Raw Power

After years of screwing around and listening here and there to a few songs, I decided to buy an album that I should have bought and listened to years ago:  164 more words

60-Day Blogging Challenge