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Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

This film had a lot of hills and valleys. At some points I was jubilant, just loving every moment of Eddie Murphy’s weird laugh and crazy demeanor… then I found myself feeling bored. 88 more words


Airplane! (1980)

I must have had the fish before watching this film. I just didn’t like it as much as I did in the past. Have I seen too many spoofs? 131 more words


Casino (1995)

I wouldn’t bet on this movie. It has some high points and lows but the house doesn’t win this time. I found myself being quite bored through a lot of this. 162 more words


Deep Rising (1998)

A movie doesn’t have to be deep, to be enjoyable. Deep Rising has everything a good B-Movie needs… it has bad CGI, dorky bad guys and just unbelievable events that unfold throughout the film. 104 more words


Tender Mercies (1983)

A very tender film starring Oscar-winning Robert Duvall (who won an Oscar for this film) and written by Oscar-winning writer Horton Foote (who also won an Oscar for this film). 95 more words


The Cooler (2003)

William H. Macy is the definition of “cool”. This film has an interesting mix of comedy, drama and romance. This also might be one of Alec Baldwin’s best movies. 114 more words


Child's Play (1988)

Hi, wanna play? This film isn’t nearly as creepy now, but it has its moments. I must say the camera work in this film is pretty good. 132 more words