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The Start of my Weekend

Just finished up a set of overnight shifts. This was my view on my drive home this morning. Let the weekend commence with sleep being the first thing on my agenda.

Week 6 Results: May 4th through May 10th

Week 6 Starting Weight: 255 lbs

Week 6 Ending Weight: 254 lbs

Total Weight Loss for Week 5: 1 lb. :(

Total Weight Loss Since Week 1: 148 more words

Week 5 Results: Apr 27th through May 3rd

Week 5 Starting Weight: 259 lbs

Week 5 Ending Weight: 255 lbs

Total Weight Loss for Week 5: 4 lbs

Total Weight Loss Since Week 1: 877 more words

First 5 Days of P90.. (Random Thoughts)

ow… damn…. how long…. OMFG… these were some of the thoughts I had as I went through the first 5 days of P90. I’m glad I made it through the first week. 417 more words

Apple Watch. Will I Buy One??

Tis the question of the day. Will I buy an Apple Watch. The short answer: Yes. However, will it replace my Fitbit? Not version 1.0 anyway. 498 more words

On a random note

I went for a walk yesterday, the sun was shinning and i was feeling cooped up. So working 3rd shift i thought i’d be a day walker the results. 70 more words