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Representative Object

I’ve had some fun making my 1 to 1 object as told in my last blog, but now I took some picture of my cardboard frog with my plush frog as seen in the pictures below. 66 more words


3D Sign Fabrication

http://www.lobbylogo.com – Do you want some Stunning 3D Signs for your Company? Then dont hesitate to call us at 301-773-6800 for affordable 3D Sign Lobby Logos.

3d Lobby Logo

Planes - Dimensional Study

Mixed Media. 16″x16″. 2014. A study piece on dimensional planes, examining the X,Y and Z axis in a way to give them deeper meaning.


How Does Video Game Art Get Made?

Creating art for video games is a rewarding experience, but equally strenuous. Most gamers know how much work goes into the engineering of game engines and mechanics, but just as many hours and just as many people are required for the creation and curation of video game art. 936 more words


Renovação - Identidade Visual Mupy

Este foi o projeto final em grupo da matéria de Identidade Visual para o curso de Design Gráfico da faculdade. Tínhamos como proposta escolher uma marca já existente do ramo alimentício e propor uma renovação na identidade visual da marca. 33 more words