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My Version Of Kronos 1 Study Model part 10

Got more work done on this thing. Mainly a few bits to the head of the ship. And I’ve started to work on the shapes of the neck.


Pew Pew!

I finally finished my first hard-surface modelling task, ie, I had the time to actually sit down and learn Quixel Ddo.

Fun project –  I really like hard surface modelling –  but also very frustrating as everything seemed to go wrong at each step! 148 more words

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Colored Spaceship Sketches

I like to experiment with spaceship design. When man goes into space, what ships will he use? One is rendered in 3D.

Adobe Photoshop

Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 88

I’ve started to do a little work on the textures.


Poster On Photoshop

I started by scanning in the drawing and then opening it on Photoshop so I could use it as a template to draw on.

I then drew around the edge with the pen tool and made it a selection and filled it with a skin colour. 536 more words

3D Studio Max

Ships Of The Starfleet Museum part 87

I’m feeling really good right now. My teeth don’t appear to be a issue. The dentist saw nothing wrong and I feel no pain. So felt I could move on with this ship. 39 more words


[Artwork] Photon Cannon Starcraft II

Here are the final renders for my modeling tutorial that is going to be released in the upcoming Vertex magazine. Please click the images for full resoltion. 54 more words