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The Romulan War part 19

Not much here just a few more details. I’m kinda running out of steam on this thing.


More Gryphon Gargoyles

Small update. Been working on lots of fiddly stuff which is always exasperating as there is nothing to show that I have been working hard. Gryphons got their wings tho!

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Castle Gryphon - Gargoyles

Made some little gryphon/gargoyle statues to watch over the castle :)

I don’t have a fetish for making statues.

I don’t.

I don’t!

I do.

3d Modelling

Pathwork.  Scene sloooowly starting to come together – the first 80% of work looks dodgy, is full of panic attack, then with patience things start looking better…

3d Modelling

The Romulan War part 18

Well I added a few more bits and cleaned up a few things. I decided to add two disrupters instead of useing the hole in the center.


Castle Gryphon - pathwork

Someone needs to do the gardening.

Actually happy with this.  Now I need to do a broken version

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American Dad - Roger as Rogers McFreely

Inbetween having far too much fun, learning a new continent and new awesome peeps, I am still working away. Just started learning 3dCoat in class. I love it so much. 30 more words

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