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You Can 3D Print A Heavy-Caliber Gun -- And It's Totally Legal

(CBS SF) — With a 3D printer and enough thermoplastic, you can mass produce plastic assault rifles from the convenience of your own home without going through a rigorous background check. 372 more words


Choc a block

At 3dChef have been working quietly behind the scene for a while in developing 3D chocolate printing technology further than it currently is in the market. 33 more words

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Technology is frickin' awesome

Still not interested in technology? Still think that technology is impersonal and keeps people from connecting with one another? The video above shows just how important and how technology can change lives and connect people in various ways. 44 more words

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"Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a 3D Printed Low-cost Bionic Arm

Joining with the non-profit charity Limbitless Solutions as “another bionics expert”, Robert Downey Jr. recently presented a 3D-printed bionic arm – a recreation of Downey Jr’s own Iron Man gear, built by… 37 more words

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This 3D-printed, Arduino-powered device can treat hypothermia

A team of students has created a portable heated IV device for extreme climate situations and high-altitude climbers.

Hypothermia is a serious danger to high-altitude climbers. 548 more words

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Molding a silicone case for the BI1 board with a 3d printed form

As alternative to the 3d printed form a flexible form made with silicone could improve the handling of the body interaction board (BI1) for certain applications. 234 more words

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