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...About Growing Up

Tiiiiiiiiiiiiime!  *shakes fist*

I was never one of those kids who couldn’t wait to grow up.  We all look back fondly at our childhoods, reminiscing about how great it was to have little responsibility and the world at our disposal, as if recognizing these could only happen after the fact.   399 more words


...About Toronto

I used to be terrified of Toronto.  The idea of being dwarfed by something so large, so vast, frightened me.  When I was a kid I once went to a Blue Jays game at the Skydome with my dad, and we missed the GO Train home.   456 more words

365 Days Of Writing

...About Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The end is nigh!  For a fairly sizeable book–of course, no rival to Order of the Phoenix–I finished this one in a short span of time.   551 more words

365 Days Of Writing

...About Week Twelve


This week, I wrote about…

Uh… I’ll tell you later.  (Procrastination)

Blogging.  How very meta of me.

My life’s ambition to become a contestant on  66 more words

365 Days Of Writing

...About Making Mistakes

I am a perfectionist in every sense of the word.  I uphold a certain level of quality and I like to think that others come to expect it of me.   446 more words

365 Days Of Writing

...About My Saddest Moment

As I was tidying up my desk this morning, I noticed the topic “saddest moment” poking out of my little pile of accomplished prompts.  I had to double check that I hadn’t written about this one before–three full months of one unique topic per day is a very tall order–and surely enough, I’d only written about its antithesis, my happiest moment, which you may recall as being a post about my trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   356 more words

365 Days Of Writing

Day 80: Ode to a Stranger

strangers have
some kind of opaque energy
quiet bus stop smile
between mother and child
solitude broken by the honk of a passing car. 15 more words

365 Days Of Writing