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Choco, choco, choco.

My family is coming back tomorrow, after one month of holidays! I’ve been alone at homefor the past few weeks, and as I still live at home, this was like some kind of survival training and preparation for my move to England in a few weeks… Well, let’s say I survived. 145 more words

365 Days Of R2D2

University preparations.

University hasn’t even started, and I already have the feeling that I’m way behind. Is that normal?

I received a reading list for my seminars already a few weeks ago, but as university doesn’t begin until October, I haven’t done any reading yet… But I’m getting a bad consciousness which is becoming stronger every day, so I figured that I should start doing something, in order to start preparing myself for university. 65 more words

365 Days Of R2D2

A flood, afternoon tea, and a ticket to Hogwarts.

Oh. My. God. Today was a total chaos.

Actually, it all started yesterday night. I came back from my trip to Italy, and my boyfriend picked me up at the airport, which made me feel really welcome. 440 more words

365 Days Of R2D2

Italian holidays.

Here we go again! Today I came back from my short holiday in Italy. I went to the Tuscany, vitising Pisa, Cinque Terre, and some other smaller or bigger cities, and I enjoyed this little escape from everyday life in Hamburg so much! 1,153 more words

365 Days Of R2D2

A perfect Sunday.

I had such a great Sunday today, I’ll tell you all about it, so keep on reading! A few days ago I read about a market taking place in Hamburg this Sunday, which was all about delicious, selfmade, and healthy food, music, design, jewelry and other wonderful things like how to brew your own beer at home, or a little stand to buy home made apple juice from a local garden. 189 more words

365 Days Of R2D2

Unforseen treats.

Again, I can only say that I simply have the best grandma in the world. I came home today after work and shopping, and opened my fridge to discover a big plate full of salad, ham, stuffed eggs and avocado!! 105 more words

365 Days Of R2D2

To longboard, or not to longboard.

Actually, I planned on meeting up with a friend of mine who stayed at her parents house today. As her house is not far from mine, we agreed that I could come on my longboard, so that she could try it out, too. 215 more words

365 Days Of R2D2