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Day Eighty-Seven - Ladybird

Insta – artby_mary

Today I had an interview for a job. Hopefully I’ll know within the next few days, if I’m successful there’s a training day on the coming Wednesday from 4 till 7. 38 more words

365 Challenge

Day Eighty-Six - Yellow


Today’s photo is me in a yellow coat for the ‘Yellow for Seth’ hashtag that’s been going round Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. A little boy who’s 5 has no immune system and had a bone marrow transplant to try and give him a normal life, everyone has been wearing his favourite colour – yellow. 32 more words

365 Challenge

365 Challenge Day 253 - A Journey

In the yoga teacher training my teachers spent quite a bit of time talking about Vedic Astrology. I found it all very interesting, but had some doubts about the relevance for our future as teachers. 169 more words

365 Challenge

365 Challenge Day 252 - Green Smoothie +

I’m bringing my green smoothies to a new level! I’m very excited about my brown rice protein! Free from allergens, easy to digest, vegan, and totally healthy. 78 more words

365 Challenge

365 Challenge Day 251 - Too much?

Last weekend when had our teacher yoga teacher training, and there was lots of talk and instruction, but there was also a LOT of yoga.  I mean there always is.  193 more words

365 Challenge

Day Eighty-Five - Further Train Scribbles

Making ‘Sketchbook 02 – Sketchbook 2.0′ go further by drawing and scribbling on the alternate pages, I’m left handed so do all my drawing on the right, but tonight I did a series of left-page scribbles. 60 more words

365 Challenge

March 25th

Woke to rain on the roof. Wanted to stay in bed so bad! I love sleeping while the rain falls on the roof. First time I’ve heard rain in months. 258 more words

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