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Day One Hundred and Forty Six - Rendering, Rendering 

I wouldn’t mind, but it’s not finished yet. I got the train from Kirkby today and it was cheaper which made my day. I also watched some Christian Novelli, who makes really good short films. 48 more words

365 Challenge

the exception

It was a time when image counted for everything, when the thoughts of others mattered more than our own, when our actions were sculpted by a fear of the judgments from people who’s names we didn’t even know. 334 more words

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365 days challenge

Hy guys!!!!

So, YES I’m crazy!

Today I’m starting the 365 days challenge. I’ll dive into Web-developement knowledge every single day of the year till I’ll reach the lucky 365. 251 more words

365 Challenge

Day One Hundred and Forty Three, Four & Five - Llanelli Train Swims

Instagram Link How many days behind are you on your posts?!! I’ve been to Llanelli in Wales which was delightful, I’m back now and sorting out some work, but after spending 5 hours on a train today I have little motivation. 256 more words

365 Challenge


She was the centerpiece of the room, but she certainly was not its focal point.

At 98 years old, she was reduced to a wrinkled lump resting in her dusty rose colored arm chair, her feet propped on the off kilter ottoman of the same worn out shade. 323 more words

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It had started out on crisp new paper, the ink was still shiny and waiting to dry when she found it on her bookshelf. She had plucked it up immediately and it still bore a smudge toward the bottom where her thumb had brushed over the signature that hadn’t quite had time to sink in. 311 more words

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Day One Hundred and Forty Two - Packing Means..

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Packing means, what? Packing means adventures, early mornings, last minute excursions, film opportunities and relaxation and emptying memory cards and charging batteries..urgh..

(Also packing is not fun!!) 91 more words

365 Challenge