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Day Fifty-Seven - 200


It was yesterday but who’s counting. The anthropomorphic space feature I ingeniously labelled ‘Vortex-Man’ who’s power is to transport people..I don’t know I haven’t got that far yet, but he is wishing me a congratutions from space, as yesterday I reached my 200th blog post. 127 more words

365 Challenge

Day Fifty-Six - Quite Intelligent 

Square Snap Site

I’m sat watching QI. College was alright, I got some more editing done! Hopefully get that sent out soon.

I also took this nice photo of haggardy, delapadated street.

365 Challenge

Day Fifty-Five - Messy, Grumpy, Commuter Scribble


I got the train in this morn, this is the messy, grumpy looking scribble of a commuter. She was reading the Daily Express. The amount of people that get on at Maghull is kind of ridiculous, it’s like a swarm and makes getting of the train near impossible. 64 more words

365 Challenge

Day Fifty-Four - Creative Maps?

That Instagram Thing

I got a new phone today, well my mums old one but a new phone nonetheless. It’s boss, I can actually use it without it dying. 50 more words

365 Challenge

Day Fifty-Three - Denim is for photoshoots


Sometimes writing these can be a chore, but I’m glad I’m sticking to it.

I did a photoshoot with my mum today in an office, with a bunch of other models, it was a great success, (well I thought so) as per my mum was boss! 74 more words

365 Challenge

Day Fifty-Two - Bottles


I don’t think there’s a nicer smelling spray than this one. I couldn’t think of what to photograph/illustrate today, there’s nothing really interesting about this, after the excitement of yesterday and the busyness of tomorrow all I’ve done today is a bit of work.

365 Challenge

365 Challenge Day 234 - Debt

How do people feel about having debt?  My credit cards are paid off (for now : ) and I definitely hate having credit card debt.  But I still have student loans, car payments, and a mortgage.  229 more words

365 Challenge