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(045/365) Girl Talk

This pinup themed painting Girl Talk is based around the telephone photo shoots you often see. One thing I don’t care for with these is that often the girls are laying across the bed with their legs stretched out straight up in the air. 115 more words

(026/365) Motown Darling

Alright so I am aware Motown is not exactly a culture but you could argue that it does have it’s own sub-culture in American history as well as music history. 136 more words

(024/365) Zhōngguó chǒng'ér 中國寵兒

This is Zhōngguó chǒng’ér (中國寵兒), my Chinese Darling. It is acrylic paint on canvas panel. I worked for a company for several years that was owned and operated primarily by Chinese people and I really enjoyed the cultural environment. 121 more words

Cycle completed, poem (365/365)

I completed the circle
Anxiety hits
Trying to be neat
To Be clever
But that was never
The outcome
Struggling with how
To say goodbye… 69 more words

365 Art Project

Dreams of hello, poem(364/365)

I sleep
With the thought
Of you
And the next time
We meet
That I’ll be
Rainbows, unicorns
And magical starships
You Gasping for air… 27 more words

365 Art Project

Runner highs, poem (363/365)

I ran the race
My shoes fit
I lifted my leg
Increased my stride
Breathed hard
And finally
Felt alive

365 Art Project

Almost there, poem (362/365)

Nearing the end
And my intent
Is to finish strong
But blood pumps
And struggle
To keep moving along
Almost there
Almost there
I Make promises… 34 more words

365 Art Project