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(045/365) Girl Talk

This pinup themed painting Girl Talk is based around the telephone photo shoots you often see. One thing I don’t care for with these is that often the girls are laying across the bed with their legs stretched out straight up in the air. 115 more words

(026/365) Motown Darling

Alright so I am aware Motown is not exactly a culture but you could argue that it does have it’s own sub-culture in American history as well as music history. 136 more words

(024/365) Zhōngguó chǒng'ér 中國寵兒

This is Zhōngguó chǒng’ér (中國寵兒), my Chinese Darling. It is acrylic paint on canvas panel. I worked for a company for several years that was owned and operated primarily by Chinese people and I really enjoyed the cultural environment. 121 more words