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31 Days of Bipolar Jibber Jabber: Day 27

Day Twenty-Seven: What do you see as the most important thing in your treatment regime, and why? 113 more words


2. After the chase

First part of story, A chase found here:  https://wp.me/p2zEek-2L

It was only three a.m. in the morning, yet it felt like she had been sleeping for ever. 546 more words

31 Days

[Jumpstart Your Journaling: A 31-Day Challenge] Day 31: The end - the beginning

Day 31: Reflect on the last 30 days of journaling. Did you enjoy the experience? What did you learn about yourself? What was most difficult? Will you continue the practice? 363 more words


how poets are made

They will make the softness

of your heart defy gravity

falling for them, only to realize

they need you somewhere between

being tender and no so tender. 40 more words


[Jumpstart Your Journaling: A 31-Day Challenge] Day 30: Graceful life

Day 30: Jot down a list of all the things you’re grateful for. It could be as simple as “Family, Job, Home…” or as detailed as “The bacon I had for breakfast, the weather being warm today, the chance to sleep in this weekend…” When we aren’t feeling chipper, thinking about what we’re thankful for can help get us in the right mindset. 540 more words


31 Days of Bipolar Jibber Jabber: Days 25 & 26

Day Twenty-Five: What state are you in right now, when did it start and what are your goals and hopes about it?

Day Twenty-Six: How do you see your future beyond the state you are in currently? 157 more words



We are a tragedy from the beginning,

and somehow we comfort our souls

that it doesn’t matter whether or not

we are healthy for each other.