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The Master Planner

Whew! It’s good to finally the forces overcoming me from posting here. The post below are my thoughts in a season like this. Please enjoy and feel free to use the comment box below. 929 more words

31 Day Challenge

RA Today ~ March 30

VERY excited!  Richard is going to be doing a Twitter Q&A for The Olivier Awards on April 2nd!  YES!!!!  Can’t wait to hear his thoughts now that he’s been able to put some time and space between him and Proctor.   412 more words

RA Today

RA Today ~ March 29

RichardArmitageQuotes has launched a re-boot of the 31 day challenge.  It will be fun to see the photo/gif posts of fans as they share their… 479 more words

RA Today

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 23: Pet Peeves

I don’t have very many but the ones I do have urk me so much that I get super irritable.

  1. Waiting behind slow people in line at a store.
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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 22: Favorite Songs

My 10 Favorite Songs are (according to Itunes most played):

  1. White Horse by Taylor Swift
  2. Really Don’t Care by Demi Lovato
  3. Show Me How You Burlesque by Christina Aguilera…
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31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21: Something I Miss

I miss high school. That is really weird thing for a college student to say but I do. I miss seeing my friends everyday. I miss having friends to talk to. 93 more words

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 20: Where Do I Want to be in 10 Years?

Well, as a few of my previous posts have said, I want to be in the field of Early Childhood Education. So I hope to be running my own daycare center by 10 years time. 88 more words