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Day - 16 'First thing you see in the morning'

That would be my mother. Or rather her saree for the day.

Yes. And that is because I wake up just around when my mom’s about to leave for work and I’ve to lock the door. 254 more words

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Day - 15 'Made up story'

‘how can someone get lost twice in one day?’ she thought angry at her stupid self.

She’d taken the new road to the park, and told herself she was ‘exploring’ and that it was good to take spontaneous chances sometimes. 703 more words

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Day - 14 'Neighbors'

“mamma, I’m going to aunty’s house”

“but have food and go”

“I’ll have it there, aunty has made halwa”

this was the conversation me and mom had almost daily when I was little. 360 more words

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Day - 13 'The one time I wasn't cool'

This prompt probably wants me to write about the one time I wore a mismatched socks or entered a totally different class and sat a while before realising it or studied for the wrong exam or such embarrassing moment. 285 more words

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Day - 12 'First time'

As I stare at this prompt, I have a few hundred questions jumbling around in my head. When was the first time I ate an ice cream? 447 more words

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Day 12 - What’s your relationship with your family? 31 Day Challenge

Here I am very lucky for I have a grey relationship with all of my family. Both close and distant.

I may not see them all the time but I know that should I need them or they need me we will all pull together. 29 more words


Day 11 - 'Stress'

Stress stresses me out. Even thinking about stress makes me run in the opposite direction. And so when I actually get stressed, it’s catastrophic event in my head. 472 more words

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