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What Would Liz Do?

We’re very fortunate – we, the young women of today. We are lucky enough to be provided with an endless supply of extraordinary female heroes whose footsteps we want to follow. 487 more words


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Canadian Cheese Grand Prix: It's on like Donkey Kong

That’s probably how I would open the awards if I were hosting, which is likely why they chose Ben Mulroney and Genevieve Borne instead. Totally fine, guys, wise choice. 180 more words

Cheesy Musings

Funny Women

Somewhere between Mike Myers and John Belushi, an all male Saturday Night Live cast and jokes about dumb blondes, comedy became a man’s game. Few women dared to stand beside the beer-bellied, foul-mouthed men that dominated the industry—men that were funny, respected, and rarely challenged—but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did just that. 421 more words


AN INTERVIEW WITH MYSELF: ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Pivot Questionnaire

The Inside the Actors Studio interviews are the best; James Lipton somehow finds the most obscure things in actors’/directors’/writers’ lives to question them about, and covers the majority of TV/film/stage work they have done. 293 more words

Desperately Seeking LOLs

Despite what the forecast has predicted for this week – rain or shine – it is inevitably going to be gloomy. A couple of my dearest friends are going through what are sure to be the darkest days they’ll ever have to face – and to say that it isn’t breaking my heart would be an utter lie. 164 more words