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No Such Thing as Balance

We all long for balance.  The problem is there is no such thing as balance.  Life is not perfect.  We are not perfect.  Others around us are not perfect.   549 more words

Living The Full Life

Stove Top Chops

Pork is good for you.  (I read that on the internet.  It must be true.)  However, the way pork was cooked when I was growing up would definitely NOT qualify as health food. 432 more words

Let's get cheesy!

I think I’ve been watching too many old science fiction shows lately. I’m craving cheese anything.

The low budget sets, bad scripts and crappy acting are making me hungry for cheese. 185 more words

One Pot Spicy Lemon Chicken Pasta with Tomatoes

Dinner last night, gotta love the one pot, 30 minute meals and this one was great.  The recipe comes from “Yellow Bliss Road”.

2 tablespoons olive oil (I ended up using 3) 169 more words


Cooking for one doesn't have to mean Kraft Dinner

I am the only living creature in my home who consumes “people food”.  Callaway likes to protest as often as possible which results in some fibrous vegetables going into her mouth and subsequently my ruing that decision once the foul odor of processed cucumber and lettuce assaults my senses. 239 more words


Tikka Masala in a Snap!

When time permits, I really enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, making recipes that require lots of interesting spices and long, leisurely simmering times. I love casually observing the amazing transformation of ingredients during the extended development of the dish while it fills my house with exotic fragrances. 304 more words

HELP! I have no idea what to call this meal!

My purpose of this site is to help out busy parents.  But today I’m in a quandry, so now I’m asking for your help.

I created this dish.   470 more words