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30 Day Challenge #1: Add products on Zazzle every day for 30 days.

WHAT: For my first challenge, I’ve decided to add at LEAST 1 product to Zazzle every day for 30 days. Including adding the products, I will make a blog post every day showing what I did and some details. 218 more words

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge - Bella's A to Z of Strictly - L is for Len!

On Strictly, there is one judge who is always kind to the couples. It’s Len! He can be grumpy sometimes, but he always says funny things like winner, winner, chicken dinner and yum, yum pig’s bum. 271 more words


Time for an Announcement

Hello again! After all the photography research I have done on the internet, I have discovered the best way to improve my photography. And guess what? 157 more words


Day 4 of the 30-Day Challenge..... It's a Wrap!

Welcome back everyone. Have you been sweating? What have you been eating? How’s that devotional time going? Hopefully you are already starting to see some benefits of consistent exercise, eating right and having some quiet moments with God daily. 441 more words


Day 28: Most Embarrassing Moment

So picture the scene, two best friends walking through the mall shopping for a certain color dress. Walking in and out of store and laughing and all that good stuff. 131 more words


This world will not see his like again #30DayChallenge #DnD

Day 28 – A character you will never play ever again

Harken back to the old days of D&D, the original days of AD&D. When there were no web sites. 340 more words

Role Playing Games

30 Day Challenge - Bella's A to Z of Strictly. Day 11 - K is for @karen_hauer @keviclifton @krihanoff

K is for kittens Karen, Kevin and Kristina.

You probably know by now that as well as Strictly, I also love cats! Mummy says I’ll be the crazy cat lady when I’m older. 277 more words