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That Can't Happen

That Can’t Happen.

How many times have we been told that it is a fairy tale to think an armed citizen could stop a rampaging gunman?

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2nd Amendment

Waco "Twin Peaks" Shooting Updates: 14 Police Officers Fired "thousands of rounds" on 200 Bikers Killing 9, Wounding 18 - Two Thirds Of Those Arrested Had No Prior Criminal History...

IRONY – The death toll from the “Twin Peaks” shootout was greater than the total number of homicides Waco police investigated in all of 2014… 1,383 more words

Media Bias

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It sounds like a lot of BS to me!

NJ 5th Grader Suspended for Having Nerf Gun 'Bullet' in His Pocket

On May 8, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 5th grader Aarin Moody reached into his pocket to retrieve a “late note” from his mother and a Nerf gun foam “bullet” fell out.

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2nd Amendment

Texas gears up for battle over gun rights after Waco shooting

Texas is gearing up for a battle over gun rights after the Waco shooting.

According to The Hill, gun control advocates aren’t letting a good crisis go to waste.

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2nd Amendment

BREAKING: CCTV Video of Twin Peaks/Waco Shooting Shared With AP Reporters - Gunfire Began Outside, Bikers Running For Cover, Police Entered Restaurant With "Assault Rifles",

We knew there would be CCTV video of both the inside and patio of Twin Peaks.

Because the local Police, who immediately reviewed the footage yet continued to mislead the public about the impetus of the confrontation and gunfire, the owner/operator of the Twin Peaks franchise shared video with reporters from the… 963 more words

Media Bias

Who Says Americans are Scared Shitless?

I don’t get it.

Why the big PUSH (Putsch) regarding ISIS coming to Amerika, Jade Helm 15 forces “needed” to practice illegally inter-state (off base) within communities, the “Police-State” hoopla, and on and on? 777 more words