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The Potential for the Zombie Virus, Part 5: The Impact of the Zombie Virus on Society, Its Aftermath and Recovery

Presently, this is science fiction although the presence of flesh-eating bacteria and the media flood regarding avian flu and mad cow disease has brought paranoia with companies issuing hand sanitizer and disposable sanitizing towels.   1,074 more words


28 Days Later (2002)

28 Days Later
Directed by Danny Boyle
Written by Alex Garland
(number 454)

I have seen this movie just once before and I remember two things about it primarily: It had a great sequence with Cillian Murphy wandering through deserted London and I really hated the treatment of the woman characters – being reduced to breeding wives which our hero man had to go all dark side to rescue them from. 938 more words


Follow-up to '28 Weeks Later' in the works, says writer

Haven’t had enough of the virus that raged in “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later”? You’re in luck, says writer Alex Garland.

The “28 Days” screenwriter and director, whose film “Ex Machina” has been a sleeper hit, told Indiewire that he’s got an idea for a third film in the series. 226 more words


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Director Alex Garland confirms 28 Months Later is in the works

The virus has not been contained! Ex Machina director Alex Garland has confirmed plans to move ahead with a second sequel to Danny Boyle’s 2003 “zombie” smash hit, … 316 more words


Alex Garland Spills a bit More About 28 Months Later

by: Jay Carlson

During an interview last month in support of his freshman feature, Ex Machina I asked Alex Garland about the status of a new film in the… 439 more words


A '28 Months Later' Movie Is In The Works

When Alex Garland was promoting his movie Ex Machina a few months ago, he mentioned that he was in talks with Danny Boyle and Andrew Macdonald about a third film in the “28 ” series, possibly called… 195 more words