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Bring Congress into the 21st Century

It seems to me that our elected representatives, once they set foot in Washington, D. C., become no longer OUR representatives but somehow now “belong” to the “Party” and its “leaders”.   666 more words

21st Century

Anchor Point, by Alice Robinson

 As you could tell from the Opening Lines of Anchor Point that I posted a day or two ago,  I was thoroughly impressed by this debut novel.  695 more words


A Photo of Light's Wave-Particle Duality

In order to capture pictures, we need light in order to see the object that we want to photograph. What happens if someone wants to take a photograph of the wave-particle duality of light? 243 more words


Rockin' All Over The World.

Ann Summers is a household name in the UK.

And for a nation that still has a – well let’s just say – complex relationship with sex, the business has carved out a beautifully shaped niche for itself on the British High Street. 101 more words


Can someone just confirm it's the 21st Century please?

A few days ago ‘news broke’ (let’s not even debate what should be classified as news) that Danny Dyer (actor, currently playing Mick Carter in Eastenders) was engaged to Joanne Mas. 627 more words

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Map of notable squatted social centers and houses in Europe

This map comes courtesy of the  Squatting Europe Kollective, an international interdisciplinary research collective that seeks to “produce reliable and fine-grained knowledge” on squatting throughout the European Union. 79 more words

21st Century