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Rituals and Magic

I wanted to be at home more than anything, but getting there that was the problem. I might touch the telephone pole at step three hundred and fourteen and then, fifteen paces later, worry that I hadn’t touched it in exactly the right spot…” … 22 more words

Inward Growth

Lighten up Mondays

Earth Day is this week, April 22nd, 2015.  I’ve managed to find some some humor to spread in honor of our planet’s day:

Amusing Earth Anagrams: 252 more words

21st Century Living

Spinning Straw into Gold

Once upon a time there was a maiden who was put into a room by the greedy king and told “turn the straw into gold, or you will die on the morrow.” The poor maiden did not know what to do, but wept bitterly. 132 more words

Lighten up Mondays

The tax man cometh:

There are two things you need to know about taxes: the filing deadline is April 15th and when you write your check, just make it out to China. 161 more words

21st Century Living

Rain Came Down, Floods Came Up

This is what I call the flats. They are supposed to be dry.

This is my cellar. It’s supposed to be dry too.

21st Century Living

Important News You Can Use: FIRE!

A co-worker and friend lost her home yesterday.  The cause was a grease fire. http://wbngweb.mlnwap.com/article.html#!/76710/ba94c877d5b7e1e1099449ff1a5e2d36

Precautions are always a necessity in life, and it’s important to be “in the know.” 177 more words

Family Values

21st Century Life: Thinking About Tech

I’m not a tech blogger but tech features quite heavily in my life. I have a passing interest in tech developments and new tech, mostly job related as lighting technology is fucking amazing! 455 more words