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A Sane Fourth of July (1909) | The Yesteryear Gazette

Originally posted on The Yesteryear Gazette.

Such Is Happy Possibility – Some Cities Have It Now

A Fourth Of July without fear and discomfort, noise and bloodshed is the glad hope held out to American patriots who have suffered the agony of the classic celebration for many years, and who have believed it their doom to withstand the festal rites until a giant cracker should put them out of their misery. 204 more words

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New World War I Digital Archive

There’s a new archive available telling the stories of families who went through World War I.

“The Army Children of the First World War project was set up as a digital archive to tell the stories of ordinary people who lived through the 1914-1918 conflict. 60 more words

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B List Blog Series: We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident

Something like 52% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs, so this can be seen as a generally true statement. I’m not sure what percentage go fishing, but if the above statement is true probably more of us should. 11 more words

20th Century


Sherwood Anderson

From his seat on a box in the rough board shed that stuck like a burr on the rear of Cowley & Son’s store in Winesburg, Elmer Cowley, the junior member of the firm, could see through a dirty window into the printshop of the Winesburg Eagle. 3,860 more words


The Ambassadors, Part 7

Henry James

Chapter 16

It wasn’t the first time Strether had sat alone in the great dim church—still less was it the first of his giving himself up, so far as conditions permitted, to its beneficent action on his nerves. 13,910 more words


Judging Others Is A Produce Of Our Fears

Do our eyes deceive us? Whenever I’m judging others, I’m keeping my eyes on their transgressions, while turning a blind eye to my own transgressions. It’s staggering how many times I’ve been guilty of deceiving myself. 181 more words

$15 Minimum Wage