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Top Ten Signs Charles and Erik are Endgame, #3, part 2/2

So, we’ve covered the fact that FC is full of secrets, and that none of the viral websites match the stories in FC or DoFP. 4,983 more words


Poltergeist (2015, Gil Kenan)

It’s hard to imagine Poltergeist being any better. Even if director Kenan was any good, there’d still be David Lindsay-Abaire’s atrocious screenplay, and even if both those elements were any good, there’d still be the acting. 314 more words


Fantastic Four international trailer gives new look at team!

A just-released international trailer for Fantastic Four had given new glimpses of the team. 60 more words


Trailer Nation: Fantastic Four Television Trailer

We have only seen glimpses of what each characters powers look like in the new Fantastic Four movie look like and in this 30 second commercial it looks interesting.   106 more words


In Theaters: Tomorrowland, Poltergeist

Two new movies that look like they could be really good are opening this weekend – Tomorrowland from Disney and Poltergiest from 20th Century Fox. 397 more words