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Life in the Turn Lane

Life after college is hard.  I graduated from a top notch university last year, and the real world feels pretty disorienting.  After four years of high expectations, constant deadlines and feedback, and a huge peer network, normality can seem like it moves in slow motion.   245 more words

On Recruitment

I recently agreed to have a look at a couple of CVs individuals had sent in as part of our internship programme. Before proceeding any further, let me say that I’m no HR specialist, nor have I recruited anyone before to work for an organisation and the most I would have ventured into hiring and firing is when I agreed to work (in consultation with) a designer or developer for a writing gig I’m working on. 1,340 more words


Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana are the Ultimate Stoner Dream Team

First off, I’m sorry about the irregular posting at the moment. I have recently bitten off more than I can chew from the proverbial Peperami of life. 589 more words


4 Reasons To Get Married In Your 20s

First of all, personally, i don’t thing EVERYONE should get married in their twenties. I also don’t think that marrying young will end up in divorces. 483 more words