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You're in your early 20s and you are a Freaking Mess

The thing about being in your early 20s, is that people expect a lot of things from you. The people around you, especially your parents expect you to get your shit together by this; probably a good starting job, a good post-undergraduate course or probably you’re graduating from school. 306 more words

Die mißglückte Jugendzeit - Original Lach-Aufnahme, 1927

The original OKeh Laughing Record, first released in 1922, features a man and woman laughing uncontrollably in response to a musician playing out of tune. 79 more words


25 things I know about myself at 25

This post was actually pending for a while. But just in my brain, there are no requests… yet (I’ll get there, I’ll be that famous, no worries). 770 more words

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Quarter-life crisis

It is universal, yet hard to understand. I used to laugh when hearing the term, but now I stop laughing because it’s scary to realize that I’m actually experiencing it… 902 more words

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