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Ghosts Of Alcohol Bottles Past 

Remember your early 20s?

You know, when you could:

1. Mix 5 types of alcohol, and still wake up on time to make it to office; 98 more words


Weirdness around 👻

The world is such a strange place, it allows existence of contradictory things. Love coexists along with hatred. Restlessness coexists with patience. Loneliness walks aside even in company of others. 84 more words


Tooth and Nail

The thing about real and true passion in any context is, it’s ugly. It has to be because truly being passionate about something means being able to humble yourself for it. 48 more words

...not expecting

You came out of nowhere…
Not expecting..

It was effortless..
It was sweet..
It was a attraction..

…it’s just that.


30 Facts About Orgasms You Need To Know

How well do you know your body? Here are 30 facts about orgasms we bet you never knew!

1. The word ‘orgasm’ has been derived from a Greek word orgasmos which actually means ‘to swell with moisture, be excited or eager’. 461 more words


10 Reasons Why You Should Confess Your Feelings To The Girl You Like

We men maybe pro at fighting goons, opening jars and changing tyres but when it comes to asking a girl out, we’re as scared as a baby who’s just seen… 493 more words


FBF: Roadtrip Russia

Two years ago next month, I made a semi-random decision – skip a trip I had planned with a few girlfriends to go to a place on my bucket list (Machu Picchu, which is still on the list) to join some co-workers on a trip to Russia.  584 more words