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I'm Going on Vacation

…in December.

Now before you start asking me where I’m going or before my Mum gets excited on the plans I’ve made ahead of time and not told her, let’s just say that I haven’t really planned anything. 259 more words


Coping with Anxiety-A Practical, and Sometimes Silly Guide to Dealing with Crippling Anxiety

I have Anxiety. It isn’t a shocking fact, at least not to anyone who knows me really well. It isn’t even really an abnormal fact, since it seems that more and American adults are struggling with some form of depression, bi-polar, or anxiety. 1,212 more words


Summer can be a tough time for some people. Sure, it’s great if you happen to have the money to go away or go out regularly for all of the summer months. 750 more words


10 Real Reasons Why Men Don’t Trust Women Anymore

Playing the blame game never does anybody any good. The nation is constantly trying to fight against all odds, become a better place to live in and yet reaching nowhere. 1,140 more words


real work begins

How does your day end?

Does it end in a sigh that’d been held since you got to the office? Or does it end on a scramble around the office with your palms out, a high-five to each coworker as you leave the office glorious. 195 more words