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Final Installation - D4 Festa Christchurch

Final Design
The project was a hugh success. The design consisting of large fabrics, hung from top frames with 4X 10K projectors on 4 sides of the ‘cube.’ The projections were a combination of live animation from a camera in front of the cube, and contextual elements – movies from Christchurch’s past, its history and significant photos. 55 more words

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Installation Animation - D4 Festa Christchurch

Installation video
Trying to see how the final installation could look in Christchurch

Installation Animation Design
Experimenting with live animation designs using grasshopper (firefly, platypus), X-Box Kinnect, Leap Motion, Processing.com, Rhino.

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Virtual Tour of the 2014 UFC Fan Expo

The 2014 UFC Fan expo was the best one since it’s inception.  Very well organized, lots of fighters and good energy.

Part 1

Part 2… 9 more words


johnlink ranks TRANSCENDENCE (2014)

TRANSCENDENCE sounded like an interesting movie. It wasn’t received well, per se, in theaters and it didn’t hit the public like a ball of fire. Because of that, I sort of forgot about it. 428 more words

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