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Alistair Coe's Gungahlin quandary

Canberra Liberals deputy leader Alistair Coe is against the Capital Metro light rail project. This is no surprise to anyone.

But Coe’s re-election hopes in 2016 could lay on the people of Gungahlin – those same people who stand to gain the most from the first stage of Canberra’s tram network. 472 more words


Mitt Romney Says 'Binders Full of Women' Comment Didn't Hurt Him

Mitt Romney defended his oft-mocked presidential campaign comment about having “binders full of women,” dismissing the notion that it hurt his White House chances after recently opening up about some of his mistakes during the 2012 race. 148 more words

Canberra Liberals' website is living in 2002

It’s been 14 long years in opposition for the Canberra Liberals.

Although you wouldn’t know it from the party’s website, which claims the “Stanhope Labor government… plans on a loss-making budget next year”. 79 more words


"Duty" by Bob Gates, Secretary of Defense

As a moderately partisan voter, I found it instructive to read Bob Gates’ book, “Duty,” about his service as secretary of defense to presidents of two different parties. 190 more words

2012 Election

Working for Lugar

This coming May will mark three years since Senator Richard Lugar’s fall at the hands of Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock. Greencastle native and current Indianapolis resident, Emmy Hildebrand worked for the Senator on his staff, and yesterday she sat down with National Road Magazine’s Donovan Wheeler and shared her thoughts about the man and the campaign as well as the long term consequences of that primary election. 2,228 more words

Author: Donovan Wheeler

Controversial ACT political finance laws start

Controversial changes to the campaign finance laws that govern ACT political parties have started today.

Elections ACT has stated the removal of the $10,000 cap on donations and an increase in election funding for parties and non-party candidates from $2 a vote to $8 a vote are among the laws passed. 387 more words