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Herman Cain Fans Received a Mass Email About the Apocalypse

A mailing that went out to 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain’s email list Tuesday said that President Obama is secretly leading the United States toward the apocalypse. 340 more words

Benghazi: Newly released documents show the Obama regime knew guns were running through Benghazi to Syria

 Judicial Watch has gotten its hands on another 100 pages of previously classified documents and although they confirm what many of us have believed all along they are quite damning. 766 more words


You now have another reason to avoid JC Penney: Eva Longoria

JC Penney tried to increase sales with their pro-homosexual agenda. That didn’t work out so well. So now they are trying a brilliant new marketing ploy: … 300 more words


The Downfall of the GOP Brand. Why?


There’s been much talk of the GOP being the party of ‘old white men’–though majority of white women voted for Romney, but MSM is committed to feminist spin–and how it lost the 2012 election by failing to win over the Hispanic or brown vote. 104 more words

The ACT Labor 2012 policy on light rail

In recent weeks, the Canberra Liberals’ opposition to the Capital Metro light rail project has grown louder.

It’s now not just saying no to everything… 318 more words

ACT Labor

Free money

The concept of free money is great. The counterfeiter and the swindler both pay their respects. People who love their jobs – who say, I would do this work for free – know the respectable side of the concept. 313 more words

Political Economy