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#584 -- Rubber (2010)

Why do some people love sausages and other people hate sausages? No fuckin’ reason – Lieutenant Chad

That basically sums the movie up. At least it explains, a little bit, just what the fuck these people were thinking.

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San Andreas

California is hit by a devastating series of earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault, demolishing buildings, destroying bridges, crushing roads and killing people. But there’s one rock that won’t budge (Dwayne Johnson) as he goes to find his family in the middle of the catastrophe. 458 more words


Emily Taylor Kelso - Biscuits

Great cover of Kasey Musgraves’ song.


Mad Max: Fury Road

(2015), dir. George Miller, Australia, United States


Starter for Ten

He’s mad as hell and we’ll gladly take it again.

The Hundred Word Journey… 1,115 more words

Live Action