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Propositions to Fly: Local Artist Valerie Tymoczko Brings Hope to Santa Monica Airport

If you stroll past Santa Monica’s Airport Park, you’ll notice two giant wooden airplanes ready to take flight. Valerie Tymoczko is the 30-year-old local artist behind Propositions to Fly, the first of three art installations selected by the Cultural Affairs Division in 2007. 214 more words

Campus Circle

Gregory Barnett: Go-Go Dancer Releases Hot Number at Highways

Gregory Barnett isn’t afraid to take his clothes off. At age 26, this go-go dancer from Los Angeles lets candle wax run down his tattooed chest, shows off his Crisco-covered briefs and drops them at a camera flash. 202 more words

Los Angeles

The Spinner - 2008

Gorillaz’ Albarn and Hewlett Tackle Chinese Opera With ‘Monkey’ 

Throughout its history, rock and roll has embraced elements of opera, most notably theWho’s ‘Tommy’ and Queen’s classic hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ But Western artists tackling Chinese opera is quite something else. 645 more words

Jamie Hewlett

Billboard - October 2008

Q&A: Gorillaz duo take operatic turn with “Monkey” 

By Cortney Harding

NEW YORK (Billboard) – It takes a fair amount of bravery to write an opera based on a 16th century Chinese novel, especially when you’ve never studied opera, have spent very little time in China and don’t speak a word of Mandarin. 720 more words

Jamie Hewlett

CBC News - 2008

The men behind Gorillaz put a musical spin on Chinese folklore

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have an unusually fruitful partnership going. Back in 1998, the frontman for UK rock darlings Blur teamed with the London-based visual artist behind Tank Girl to form Gorillaz — which they refer to as “the first virtual pop band.” Combining Albarn’s pop smarts and Hewlett’s zany drawings, the group was fronted by a quartet of cartoon characters. 1,764 more words


Metromix - July 2008

The coolest record label on Earth

Blur’s Damon Albarn curates the Honest Jon Revue at Avery Fisher Hall

By Matt Rodbard

Blur frontman (and Gorillaz faux-frontman) Damon Albarn is not a fan of world music—or, at least, the term. 649 more words


The Greek Crisis: The people, profits and the social contract

The referendum in Greece on Sunday is not only about a decision on whether to exit or stay within the eurozone by a struggling European country; whether the majority of the Greeks decide to vote in the affirmative or not in Sunday’s referendum, the referendum itself will turn a page in history by laying the foundation for refashioning the democratic social contract between the citizen and his or her government in the 21st century. 1,645 more words