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King Arthur's Gold - An example of a massively overlooked title

When I come to reviewing a game, one of the most fiddly part is getting screenshots. Often, I’ll be having a lot of fun and have to really bring myself to press F12 during the heat of the moment, to capture something amazing, when really I’ll want to be stuck in. 1,333 more words



Starbound is an Early Access 2-D exploration/crafting game developed by ChuckleFish and it’s a lot of fun. It’s essentially Terraria in space, with 2-D graphics and sprites, crafting and scavenging and a whole plethora of weapons and mobs to fight. 1,033 more words


Logo Design for Imaging Technology Class

All my original logo work created in Adobe Illustrator.


Disorder Review (PC)

From the moment Disorder began and I found myself in a dingy, dimly lit hallway, I knew I was in for an unpleasant ride. An opening disclaimer warns that the game pursues an intense insight into depression and grief, foregoing any sort of levity or lightness. 751 more words

The Pixel Pen Review

Lethal League - The love child of Pong and Street Fighter

When I come to write a review, I generally hope to have logged a few hours on the game. This allows me to get an understanding of the story, a better feel for the gameplay, and generally write a more informed article than I would be able to on a “first impressions” basis. 1,352 more words