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I was listening to One Direction’s ‘Where do broken hearts go’ on the bus today and as per usual,I started to think where did broken hearts go. 147 more words

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So! Hello everyone! The struggle is real when you are a high school senior with low morale and high expectations. Here I am to try and apologize as to why exactly I’ve been gone.. 538 more words

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One Direction in Dubai

4th of May

That means it has been a month since that most fun and craziest concert I have ever experienced so far.

Harry Styles is just too adorable to watch… 412 more words


Zayn Malik removed from One Direction charity book

A charity book, which stars boyband One Direction, is reportedly set to be rewritten to remove ex-bandmate Zayn Malik.

The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex is set to go on sale with money from it going towards Children in Need and it is set to include a string of celebrity characters. 105 more words

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It Aint Yours To Throw Away

That same road that brought you here
Will sure as hell take you home
The life you left behind will have you back
You’re tired of paying dues in worn out shoes… 232 more words



Bài viết được đăng trên 2! Magazine số 410

Chỉ trong vòng một tuần mà đã có quá nhiều thay đổi cho One Direction. Ngay sau khi rút khỏi tour diễn châu Á của On The Road Again, Zayn đột ngột tuyên bố mình không còn là thành viên của ban nhạc lớn nhất hành tinh nữa. 1,674 more words

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Harry Styles "besieged" with film offers

One Direction hunk Harry Styles has reportedly been “besieged” with film offers.

A source has told Life & Style magazine about the 21-year-old singer’s plans to go solo, “The others have known for a long time that Harry would go solo. 104 more words

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