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Propaganda's A Secret Wish: 30 Years Old Today

ZTT Records, released 2nd July 1985


Bought: Our Price Hammersmith 1994?

A Secret Wish represents a golden period of music for me. It’s a glamorous though mysterious project that could seen as the peak of ’80s pop but also the beginning of the end for big-budget, endlessly-fussed-over ‘concept’ albums. 451 more words


Meat is Murder

The Smiths strikes again!!!

Hace ya varios años que empece a escuchar The Smiths, fue uno de los descubrimientos mas importantes de mi vida. Me ayudo a deprimirme mas cuando menos lo necesitaba, pero no de una forma negativa, muy por el contrario… bueno en realidad no fue tan positiva tampoco. 576 more words


Significant Songs (84)

The Closest Thing To Heaven

The north-east of England has provided us with some of Britain’s stars over the years, but not that many. The Animals spring to mind, as Eric Burdon and the rest of that group were all from this industrial area of the UK. 291 more words

Nostalgia And Reflections

Blast from the Past : Back to the Future (1985) Turns 30

I did not grow up with Back to the Future (1985), released today, 3 July, 2015, 30 years ago. Actually, I didn’t see it until about 2007 when I was in college. 905 more words

July 2015

Heroes Never Rust #100: Adequacy is Okay

Heroes Never Rust #100 by Sean Ironman

1985: Adequacy is Okay

At the end of issue one of Marvel’s 1985, Toby, the protagonist, runs into the Hulk one night in the woods. 846 more words

Heroes Never Rust

Ain’t Nobody Ever Loved You - Lyrics

Title  Ain’t Nobody Ever Loved You
Composer  Narada Michael Walden, Jeffrey Cohen
Composition’s Year  1985
First Recording Artist  Aretha Franklin
Aretha’s First Recording Year  1985… 763 more words

Aretha Franklin